Chapter 13, Verse 33

यथा सर्वगतं सौक्ष्म्यादाकाशं नोपलिप्यते । सर्वत्रावस्थितो देहे तथात्मा नोपलिप्यते ॥३३॥


yathā sarva-gataḿ saukṣmyād ākāśaḿ nopalipyate sarvatrāvasthito dehe tathātmā nopalipyate

Word Meanings

yathā — as; sarva-gatam — all-pervading; saukṣmyāt — due to being subtle; ākāśam — the sky; na — never; upalipyate — mixes; sarvatra — everywhere; avasthitaḥ — situated; dehe — in the body; tathā — so; ātmā — the self; na — never; upalipyate — mixes.


Space holds everything within it, but being subtle, does not get contaminated by what it holds. Similarly, though its consciousness pervades the body, the soul is not affected by the attributes of the body.


The air enters into water, mud, stool and whatever else is there; still it does not mix with anything. Similarly, the living entity, even though situated in varieties of bodies, is aloof from them due to his subtle nature. Therefore it is impossible to see with the material eyes how the living entity is in contact with this body and how he is out of it after the destruction of the body. No one in science can ascertain this.