Chapter 18, Verse 60

स्वभावजेन कौन्तेय निबद्धः स्वेन कर्मणा । कर्तुं नेच्छसि यन्मोहात्करिष्यस्यवशोऽपि तत् ॥६०॥


svabhāva-jena kaunteya nibaddhaḥ svena karmaṇā kartuḿ necchasi yan mohāt kariṣyasy avaśo 'pi tat

Word Meanings

svabhāva-jena — born of your own nature; kaunteya — O son of Kuntī; nibaddhaḥ — conditioned; svena — by your own; karmaṇā — activities; kartum — to do; na — not; icchasi — you like; yat — that which; mohāt — by illusion; kariṣyasi — you will do; avaśaḥ — involuntarily; api — even; tat — that.


O Arjun, that action which out of delusion you do not wish to do, you will be driven to do it by your own inclination, born of your own material nature.


If one refuses to act under the direction of the Supreme Lord, then he is compelled to act by the modes in which he is situated. Everyone is under the spell of a particular combination of the modes of nature and is acting in that way. But anyone who voluntarily engages himself under the direction of the Supreme Lord becomes glorious.