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Chapter 1 - Arjuna Visada Yoga

Arjuna's Dilemma

Chapter 2 - Sankhya Yoga

Transcendental Knowledge

Chapter 3 - Karma Yoga

Path of Selfless Service

Chapter 4 - Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga

Path of Knowledge and the Disciplines of Action

Chapter 5 - Karma Sanyasa Yoga

Path of Renunciation

Chapter 6 - Dhyana Yoga

Path of Meditation

Chapter 7 - Gyaan Vigyana Yoga

Self-Knowledge and Enlightenment

Chapter 8 - Akshara Brahma Yoga

Path of the Eternal God

Chapter 9 - Raja Vidya Yoga

Yoga through the King of Sciences

Chapter 10 - Vibhooti Yoga

Yoga through Appreciating the Infinite Opulences of God

Chapter 11 - Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga

Yoga through Beholding the Cosmic Form of God

Chapter 12 - Bhakti Yoga

The Yoga of Devotion

Chapter 13 - Ksetra Ksetrajna Vibhaaga Yoga

Yoga through Distinguishing the Field and the Knower of the Field

Chapter 14 - Gunatraya Vibhaga Yoga

Yoga through Understanding the Three Modes of Material Nature

Chapter 15 - Purushottama Yoga

The Yoga of the Supreme Divine Personality

Chapter 16 - Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga

Yoga through Discerning the Divine and Demoniac Natures

Chapter 17 - Sraddhatraya Vibhaga Yoga

Yoga through Discerning the Three Divisions of Faith

Chapter 18 - Moksha Sanyaas Yoga

Yoga through the Perfection of Renunciation and Surrender