BG 10.18

विस्तरेणात्मनो योगं विभूतिं च जनार्दन। भूयः कथय तृप्तिर्हि श्रृण्वतो नास्ति मेऽमृतम्।।10.18।।

vistareṇātmano yogaṁ vibhūtiṁ cha janārdana bhūyaḥ kathaya tṛiptir hi śhṛiṇvato nāsti me ’mṛitam

vistareṇa—in detail; ātmanaḥ—your; yogam—divine glories; vibhūtim—opulences; cha—also; janaārdana—Shree Krishna, he who looks after the public; bhūyaḥ—again; kathaya—describe; tṛiptiḥ—satisfaction; hi—because; śhṛiṇvataḥ—hearing; na—not; asti—is; me—my; amṛitam—nectar


Tell me again in detail, O Krishna, of your yogic power and glory; for I am not satiated with what I have heard of your life-giving and nectar-like speech.


10.18 विस्तरेण in detial? आत्मनः Thy? योगम् Yoga? विभूतिम् glory? च and? जनार्दन O Janardana? भूयः again? कथय tell? तृप्तिः contentment? हि for? श्रृण्वतः (of) hearing? न not? अस्ति is? मे of me? अमृतम् nectar.Commentary The Lord is called Janardana because all pray to Him for worldly success? prosperity and also salvation. Arjuna also prays to the Lord to explain His Yogic power and glory? for his

salvation.Arjuna says to Lord Krishna Tell me in detail of Thy mysterious power (Yoga) and sovereignty (Aisvarya) and the various things to be meditated upon. Tell me again though You have described earlier in the seventh and the ninth chapters succinctly for there is no satiety in hearing Thy ambrosial speech or nectarlike conversation. However much of it I hear? I am not satisfied surely it is nectar of immortality for me.