BG 11.10

अनेकवक्त्रनयनमनेकाद्भुतदर्शनम्। अनेकदिव्याभरणं दिव्यानेकोद्यतायुधम्।।11.10।।

aneka-vaktra-nayanam anekādbhuta-darśhanam aneka-divyābharaṇaṁ divyānekodyatāyudham

aneka—many; vaktra—faces; nayanam—eyes; aneka—many; adbhuta—wonderful; darśhanam—had a vision of; aneka—many; divya—divine; ābharaṇam—ornaments; divya—divine; aneka—many; udyata—uplifted; āyudham—weapons;


With numerous mouths and eyes, with numerous wondrous sights, with numerous divine adornments, with numerous divine weapons uplifted, such a form He showed.


11.10 अनेकवक्त्रनयनम् with numerous mouthsand eyes? अनेकाद्भुतदर्शनम् with numerous wonderful sights? अनेकदिव्याभरणम् with numerous divine ornaments? दिव्यानेकोद्यतायुधम् with numerous divine weapons uplifted.Commentary Countless faces appeared there. Arjuna looked at this Cosmic Form in all its magnificence. He saw the Lord everywhere and in everything. The whole manifestation appeared as one gigantic body of the Lord. He saw the Lord as the allinall.