BG 11.43

पितासि लोकस्य चराचरस्य त्वमस्य पूज्यश्च गुरुर्गरीयान्। न त्वत्समोऽस्त्यभ्यधिकः कुतोऽन्यो लोकत्रयेऽप्यप्रतिमप्रभाव।।11.43।।

pitāsi lokasya charācharasya tvam asya pūjyaśh cha gurur garīyān na tvat-samo ’sty abhyadhikaḥ kuto ’nyo loka-traye ’py apratima-prabhāva

pitā—the father; asi—you are; lokasya—of the entire universe; chara—moving; acharasya—nonmoving; tvam—you; asya—of this; pūjyaḥ—worshipable; cha—and; guruḥ—spiritual master; garīyān—glorious; na—not; tvat-samaḥ—equal to you; asti—is; abhyadhikaḥ—greater; kutaḥ—who is?; anyaḥ—other; loka-traye—in the three worlds; api—even; apratima-prabhāva—possessor of incomparable power


Thou art the Father of this world, both moving and unmoving. Thou art to be adored by this world; Thou, the greatest Guru; for none exists who is equal to Thee; how then could there be another superior to Thee in the three worlds, O Being of unrivaled power?


11.43 पिता Father? असि (Thou) art? लोकस्य of the world? चराचरस्य of the moving and unmoving? त्वम् Thou? अस्य of this? पूज्यः to be reserved? च and? गुरुः the Guru? गरीयान् weightier? न not? त्वत्समः eal to Thee? अस्ति is? अभ्यधिकः surpassing? कुतः whence? अन्यः other? लोकत्रये in the three worlds? अपि also? अप्रतिमप्रभाव O Being of unealled power.Commentary There exists none who is eal to Thee There

cannot be two or more Isvaras. If there were? the world will not get on as it does now. All the Isvaras may not be of one mind? as they would all be independent of one another. What one wishes to create? another may wish to destroyWhen there does not exist one who is eal to Thee? how could there be one superior to TheeFather Creator. As the Lord is the creator of this world He is fit to be adored. He is the greatest Guru also. Therefore there is no one who is eal to the Lord.