BG 13.19

इति क्षेत्रं तथा ज्ञानं ज्ञेयं चोक्तं समासतः।मद्भक्त एतद्विज्ञाय मद्भावायोपपद्यते।।13.19।।

iti kṣhetraṁ tathā jñānaṁ jñeyaṁ choktaṁ samāsataḥ mad-bhakta etad vijñāya mad-bhāvāyopapadyate

iti—thus; kṣhetram—the nature of the field; tathā—and; jñānam—the meaning of knowledge; jñeyam—the object of knowledge; cha—and; uktam—revealed; samāsataḥ—in summary; mat-bhaktaḥ—my devotee; etat—this; vijñāya—having understood; mat-bhāvāya—my divine nature; upapadyate—attain


Thus, the field, as well as knowledge and the knowable, have been briefly stated. My devotee, knowing this, enters into My being.


13.19 इति thus? क्षेत्रम् the field? तथा as well as? ज्ञानम् knowledge? ज्ञेयम् the knowable? च and? उक्तम् have been stated? समासतः briefly? मद्भक्तः My devotee? एतत् this? विज्ञाय knowing? मद्भावाय to My being? उपपद्यते enters.Commentary He whohas controlled his mind and organs? who has the knowledge of the field and the knowable? and who fixes his mind on Me becomes one with Me.Thus the field described

above (beginning with the great elements and ending with firmness? verses 5 and 6)? knowledge described above (beginning with humility and ending with perception of the end of true knowledge in verses 7 to 11) and the knowable described in verses 12 to 17 -- these have briefly been stated.He who has singleminded devotion unto Me? who takes Me (Vaasudeva? the Supreme Lord? the omniscient? and the supreme

Guru) as the Self of everything? he who thinks and feels that all that he sees? hears and touches is nothing but the Lord and he who has the right knowledge described above enters into My Being or attains release from birth and death.