BG 13.26

अन्ये त्वेवमजानन्तः श्रुत्वाऽन्येभ्य उपासते।तेऽपि चातितरन्त्येव मृत्युं श्रुतिपरायणाः।।13.26।।

anye tv evam ajānantaḥ śhrutvānyebhya upāsate te ’pi chātitaranty eva mṛityuṁ śhruti-parāyaṇāḥ

anye—others; tu—still; evam—thus; ajānantaḥ—those who are unaware (of spiritual paths); śhrutvā—by hearing; anyebhyaḥ—from others; upāsate—begin to worship; te—they; api—also; cha—and; atitaranti—cross over; eva—even; mṛityum—death; śhruti-parāyaṇāḥ—devotion to hearing (from saints)


Others, too, who do not know thus, worship, having heard of It from others; they, too, cross beyond death, regarding what they have heard as the supreme refuge.


13.26 अन्ये others? तु indeed? एवम् thus? अजानन्तः not knowing? श्रुत्वा having heard? अन्येभ्यः from others? उपासते worship? ते they? अपि also? च and? अतितरन्ति cross beyond? एव even? मृत्युम् death? श्रुतिपरायणाः regarding what they have heard as the Supreme refuge.Commentary The three paths? viz.? the Yoga of meditation? the Yoga of knowledge? and the Yoga of action to attain the knowledge of the

Self were described in the previous verse. In this verse the Yoga of worship is described.Some who are ignorant of the methods described in the previous verse listen to the teachings of the spiritual preceptors regarding this great Truth or the Self with intense and unshakable faith? solely depending upon the authority of others instructions? and through constant remembrance and contemplation of them

attain immortality. They are devoted to their preceptor. Some study the books written by realised seers? stick with great faith to the teachings contained therein and live according to them. They also overcome death. Whichever path one follows? one eventually attains the knowledge of the Self and final liberation from birth and death? -- salvation (Moksha). There are several paths to suit aspirants

of different temperaments and eipments.Freeing oneself from ignorance with its effects through the knowledge of the Self? is crossing the Samsara or attaining immortality or overcoming death or obtaining release or salvation.