BG 14.11

सर्वद्वारेषु देहेऽस्मिन्प्रकाश उपजायते।ज्ञानं यदा तदा विद्याद्विवृद्धं सत्त्वमित्युत।।14.11।।

sarva-dvāreṣhu dehe ’smin prakāśha upajāyate jñānaṁ yadā tadā vidyād vivṛiddhaṁ sattvam ity uta

sarva—all; dvāreṣhu—through the gates; dehe—body; asmin—in this; prakāśhaḥ—illumination; upajāyate—manifest; jñānam—knowledge; yadā—when; tadā—then; vidyāt—know; vivṛiddham—predominates; sattvam—mode of goodness; iti—thus; uta—certainly;


When the wisdom-light shines through every gate of this body, then it may be known that Sattva is predominant.


14.11 सर्वद्वारेषु through every gate (sense)? देहे in the body? अस्मिन् in this? प्रकाशः wisdomlight? उपजायते shines? ज्ञानम् knowledge? यदा when? तदा then? विद्यात् (it) may be known? विवृद्धम् (is) predominant? सत्त्वम्,Sattva? इति thus? उत indeed.Commentary When a particular ality becomes predominant? it reveals its distinctive characteristics in man. Just as jasmine scatters its fragrance far

and wide? so also knowledge disseminates itself in all directions. Convert Tamas into Rajas and Rajas into Sattva. Now stand firm in Sattva. You will get increase of light? purity? peace and harmony. Sattva will lead you upwards. You will have an upward pull towards the Supreme Light. Sattvic diet? Japa? meditation? study of holy scriptures? living in seclusion? company of holy men? singing His Names

and glories? and regulation of breath (Pranayama) will increase Sattva.Introspect. Look within. Watch the Gunas carefully. Be vigilant. Stand as a doorkeeper. Allow only Sattvic thoughts to pass through the door of the mental factory. Check Rajas. Curb Tamas. When Sattva predominates there is unruffled peace of mind? inner harmony? perfect serenity and tranillity. There is clarity or clear vision

also. The understanding is not clouded. There is penetrative insight. The door or threshold of intuition is wide open. The senses will not run towards external objects.The senses are the avenues of senseknowledge. They are the gateways of perception for the Self. When light shines in all the gates of the body? such as the eyes? the ears? etc. (in other words when there is the manifestation of the

BuddhiVritti of the Antahkarana)? then knowledge arises. You can understand by the mark of knowledge that Sattva is predominant. You can also know that Sattva is increasing by the mark of happiness. Just as the aspirant knows that Sattva is predominant in him by the marks of knowledge and happiness? so also he knows by the mark of knowledge that Rajas and Tamas are gradually decreasing.The ears shun

whatever is improper to be heard. The eyes abandon what they should not look at. The tongue avoids to speak anything that is not right to speak of. The mind is not attracted by the sensual objects. Purity thus increases gradually by Japa? meditation? and selfrestraint. If there is increase of Sattva or harmony? there is also increase of knowledge. Sattva is the only sure means for the attainment of the knowledge of the Self. It lays the foundation of knowledge.