Chapter 15 - Purushottama Yoga

The Yoga of the Supreme Divine Personality

The fifteenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Purushottama Yoga. In Sanskrit, Purusha means the All-pervading God, and Purushottam means the timeless & transcendental aspect of God. Krishna reveals that the purpose of this Transcendental knowledge of the God is to detach ourselves from the bondage of the material world and to understand Krishna as the Supreme Divine Personality, who is the eternal controller and sustainer of the world. One who understands this Ultimate Truth surrenders to Him and engages in His devotional service.

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Verse 1

The Blessed Lord said: They say that the peepul Tree, which has its roots upward and the branches downward, and of which the Vedas are the leaves, is imperishable. He who realizes it is knower of the Vedas.


Verse 2

The branches of that (Tree), extending down-wards and upwards, are strengthened by the qualities and have sense-objects as their shoots. And the roots, which are followed by actions, spread down-wards in the human world.


Verse 3

Its form is not perceived here in that way; nor its end, nor beginning, nor continuance, after felling this Peepul whose roots are well developed, with the strong sword of detachment-;


Verse 4

Thereafter, that State has to be sought for, going where they do not return again: I take refuge in that Primeval Person Himself, from whom has ensued the eternal Manifestation.


Verse 5

The wise ones who are free from pride and non-discrimination, who have conquered the evil of association, [Hatred and love arising from association with foes and friends.] who are ever devoted to spirituality, completely free from desires, free from the dualities called happiness and sorrow, reach that undecaying State.


Verse 6

Neither the sun nor the moon nor fire illumines That. That is My Supreme Abode, reaching which they do not return.