BG 16.18

अहङ्कारं बलं दर्पं कामं क्रोधं च संश्रिताः।मामात्मपरदेहेषु प्रद्विषन्तोऽभ्यसूयकाः।।16.18।।

ahankāraṁ balaṁ darpaṁ kāmaṁ krodhaṁ cha sanśhritāḥ mām ātma-para-deheṣhu pradviṣhanto ’bhyasūyakāḥ

ahankāram—egotism; balam—strength; darpam—arrogance; kāmam—desire; krodham—anger; cha—and; sanśhritāḥ—covered by; mām—me; ātma-para-deheṣhu—within one’s own and bodies of others; pradviṣhantaḥ—abuse; abhyasūyakāḥ—the demoniac


Given over to egoism, power, haughtiness, lust, and anger, these malicious people hate Me in their own bodies and in the bodies of others.


16.18 अहङ्कारम् egoism? बलम् power? दर्पम् haughtiness? कामम् lust? क्रोधम् anger? च and? संश्रिताः possessed of? माम् Me? आत्मपरदेहेषु in their own bodies and in those of others? प्रद्विषन्तः hating? अभ्यसूयकाः (these) malicious people.Commentary They are selfsufficient and puffed up with mental and material power. They pose too much. They resent it much if they are belittled. The body is dearer

to them than everything else. They live solely for it. If anybody tries to thwart their plans or schemes they become bitterly hostile towards him. They take vengeance on him and try to kill him mercilessly. They are extremely meanminded. Just as darness seems to be denser after night sets in? so also as their,folly increases? their arrogance grows? their egoism develops? their pride swells? and their

delusion augments day by day. They use brutal force to gain their selfish ends. They abuse and illtreat all those people who are truthful and charitable? and who are devoted to Me.Ahamkaram Egoism The selfarrogating principle? the effect or modification of ignorance. This is the source of all the defects and perversities in human nature and of all evil actions. Lust? anger? greed? pride and hypocrisy

are all attendants of egoism. It is very difficult to overcome this dire enemy? but through Vichara (right eniry) it can be annihilated.These Asuras who are very egoistic on account of their deep ignorance esteem themselves very highly for the alities they possess and for those which they falsely superimpose upon themselves. They think that they are very great persons on account of the good alities

which they have superimposed upon themselves and their egoism is increased thery. They try to humiliate others by using their financial supremacy. They will bribe people to give false evidence and do anything to attain their selfish ends.Balam Power accompanied by lust and attachment. The Asuras use their strength of body to humiliate and destroy others. If a man is not established in Yama (the fivefold

canon of ethical perfection? consisting of noninjury? truthfulness? nonstealing? celibacy and noncovetousness)? if he has no purity of heart? if his mind is surcharged or saturated with evil tendencies? and if he gets power of any sort? he will misuse or abuse it and try to humiliate or abuse others. Powers or Siddhis are bound to come if one practises concentration of mind. If he is endowed with

Yama? he will never misuse them and so he will never have a downfall. That is the reason why Patanjali Maharshi says Powers are obstacles on the path of Yoga. Shun them ruthlessly. March onwards to the goal. Climb the ladder of Yoga till you attain the highest state of superconsciousness or Godconsciousness. Do not look back. Have no memories of the past.Yama is the very foundation of Yoga. Get yourself

established in Yama before you take to concentration and meditation. Many aspirants get a downfall because they do not practise Yama to begin with. They jump at once to the practice of concentration and meditation. This is sad mistake.Darpa Haughtiness. A man whose heart is filled with haughtiness becomes very insolent and unjust and assumes an overbearing and domineering attitude towards others he

never respects the elders? Gurus and others. This is a peculiar vice that has its seat in the mind. When this evil ality manifests itself? one swerves from the path of virtue.Krodha Anger manifests itself when one gets something unplesant and when he comes across something disagreeable.These Asuras hate Me? the Lord Who dwells in their own bodies as the silent witness of their thoughts and actions.

They think that I am also a human being and hate Me. They do not understand My allpervading and imperishable nature. They do not care at all to know and follow. My ?nds or the injunctions given in the Vedas and the Smritis. If anyone violates My ?nds given in the scriptures? it is surely tantamount to an act of hatred towards Me. These people are very malicious. They have evil intentions or impure

motives. They are jealous of those persons who are virtuous and who tread the path of righteousness. Their hearts burn when they notice good alities in others. This is Matsarya? a form of jealousy. If a man superimposes evil alities on a virtuous man who is endowed with good alities? this is Asuya. If his heart burns when he sees a wealthy or prosperous man? this is Irshya.