BG 16.3

तेजः क्षमा धृतिः शौचमद्रोहो नातिमानिता। भवन्ति सम्पदं दैवीमभिजातस्य भारत।।16.3।।

tejaḥ kṣhamā dhṛitiḥ śhaucham adroho nāti-mānitā bhavanti sampadaṁ daivīm abhijātasya bhārata

tejaḥ—vigor; kṣhamā—forgiveness; dhṛitiḥ—fortitude; śhaucham—cleanliness; adrohaḥ—bearing enmity toward none; na—not; ati-mānitā—absence of vanity; bhavanti—are; sampadam—qualities; daivīm—godly; abhijātasya—of those endowed with; bhārata—scion of Bharat


Vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, absence of hatred, absence of pride—these belong to one born for a divine state, O Arjuna.


16.3 तेजः vigour? क्षमा forgiveness? धृतिः fortitude? शौचम् purity? अद्रोहः absence of hatred? नातिमानिता absence of overpride? भवन्ति belong? सम्पदम् state? दैवीम् divine? अभिजातस्य to the one born for? भारत O descendant of Bharata (Arjuna).Commentary Tejas Vigour? energy? brilliance or lustre of the skin. The aspirant who is bent on attaining salvation marches boldly on the spiritual path. Nothing

can tempt him or slacken his progress. This unbroken progress towards the realisation of the Self or the Absolute is lustre. It overcomes the downward pull of Tamas.Kshama Forgiveness. He who is endowed with this virtue does not exhibit anger even when he is insulted? ruked or beaten? although he is strong enough to take vengeance. He is unaffected by the insult or injury.Dhriti The sage absorbs within

himself all calamities. He is steadfast even when he is in very adverse and trying conditions this is a particular Sattvic Vritti or state of mind which removes depression or exhaustion of the body and senses when they sink down. An aspirant who is endowed with this divine attribute never gets disheartened? even when he is under severe trials and difficulties or tribulations. Dhriti is a divine pickmeup

(tonic) when the body and the senses are in a state of low spirits or dejection.Saucham Purity. This is of two kinds? viz.? external and internal. External purity is achieved by means of earth and water. The mind and heart (intellect) are freed from Maya (deception? lust? anger? greed? pride? jealousy? hypocrisy? likes and dislikes) by the practice of celibacy? forgiveness? friendliness? charity?

humility? nobilit? love? complacency? compassion? etc. -- this is internal purity. This is more important than external purity.Adroha Absence of hatred? absence of desire to injure others.Atimanita is great pride. A proud man thinks that he is superior to others and that he is worthy of being honoured by others. Naatimanita is the opposite of this ality.Tejas? Kshama and Dhriti are the special alities

or Dharmas of the Kshatriyas (warrior class). These are the Sattvic alities of Kshatriyas. Saucham and Adroha are the special Dharmas of the Vaisyas. They are the Sattvic alities of the Vaisyas (merchant class). Absence of pride is the special Dharma of the Sudras (servant class). It is a Sattvic ality that belongs to the Sudras.The divine wealth or Daivi Sampat consists of twentysix attributes. This

is a rare gift from the Lord. This is an inexhaustible wealth which cannot be taken away by dacoits. This helps the aspirant attain the imperishable and immacultate Brahmic seat. It is the shortcut to the realm of eternal bliss or Moksha.