BG 17.21

यत्तु प्रत्युपकारार्थं फलमुद्दिश्य वा पुनः।दीयते च परिक्लिष्टं तद्दानं राजसं स्मृतम्।।17.21।।

yat tu pratyupakārārthaṁ phalam uddiśhya vā punaḥ dīyate cha parikliṣhṭaṁ tad dānaṁ rājasaṁ smṛitam

yat—which; tu—but; prati-upakāra-artham—with the hope of a return; phalam—reward; uddiśhya—expectation; vā—or; punaḥ—again; dīyate—is given; cha—and; parikliṣhṭam—reluctantly; tat—that; dānam—charity; rājasam—in the mode of passion; smṛitam—is said to be


And, that gift which is given with the intention of receiving something in return, or expecting a reward, or begrudgingly, is considered to be Rajasic.


17.21 यत् which? तु indeed? प्रत्युपकारार्थम् with a view to receive in return? फलम् fruit? उद्दिश्य looking for? वा or? पुनः again? दीयते is given? च and? परिक्लिष्टम् reluctantly? तत् that? दानम् gift? राजसम् Rajasic? स्मृतम् is held to be.Commentary Charity or gift that is given in the hope that it will be returned in the future and praised in public or that the gift will bring some unseen reward

or heavenly pleasure is passionate. If a man makes a gift to a Brahmana or a Sannyasin with the hope that all his sins will be washed away? this is also a Rajasic gift. If a man is grieved at heart after making the gift this is also a gift of passionate nature.