BG 18.38

विषयेन्द्रियसंयोगाद्यत्तदग्रेऽमृतोपमम्।परिणामे विषमिव तत्सुखं राजसं स्मृतम्।।18.38।।

viṣhayendriya-sanyogād yat tad agre ’mṛitopamam pariṇāme viṣham iva tat sukhaṁ rājasaṁ smṛitam

viṣhaya—with the sense objects; indriya—the senses; sanyogāt—from the contact; yat—which; tat—that; agre—at first; amṛita-upamam—like nectar; pariṇāme—at the end; viṣham iva—like poison; tat—that; sukham—happiness; rājasam—in the mode of passion; smṛitam—is said to be


That happiness which arises from the contact of the senses with the objects, which is initially like nectar but eventually like poison, is said to be Rajasic.


18.38 विषयेन्द्रियसंयोगात् from the contact of the senseorgans with the objects? यत् which? तत् that? अग्रे at first? अमृतोपमम् like nectar? परिणामे in the end? विषम् poison? इव like? तत् that? सुखम् pleasure? राजसम् Rajasic? स्मृतम् is declared.Commentary Sensual pleasure is mixed with pain? fear and sin. A small grain of sensual pleasure is mixed with a mountain of pain. He who indulges in sensual

pleasures will have to experience pain also? side by side. He is afraid of losing the objects that give him pleasure. He is attached to them. Attachment is death. It brings him again and again to this world of death. Fear and attachment coexist with sensual pleasure. He has to exert a lot to get money. He can obtain the objects through money. During exertion he commits many sinful acts and he will

have to suffer in hell. The next birth will be of a very low nature. He tells lies and cheats people to obtain money. The senses also lose their vigour through indulgence in sensual pleasure. He loses his strength? vigour? wealth and energy. His intellect becomes dull? weak? impure? turbid and perverted. He loses his money and proper understanding. (Cf.V.22)