BG 18.64

सर्वगुह्यतमं भूयः श्रृणु मे परमं वचः।इष्टोऽसि मे दृढमिति ततो वक्ष्यामि ते हितम्।।18.64।।

sarva-guhyatamaṁ bhūyaḥ śhṛiṇu me paramaṁ vachaḥ iṣhṭo ‘si me dṛiḍham iti tato vakṣhyāmi te hitam

sarva-guhya-tamam—the most confidential of all; bhūyaḥ—again; śhṛiṇu—hear; me—by me; paramam—supreme; vachaḥ—instruction; iṣhṭaḥ asi—you are dear; me—to me; dṛiḍham—very; iti—thus; tataḥ—because; vakṣhyāmi—I am speaking; te—for your; hitam—benefit


Hear again My supreme word, most secret of all; for you are dearly beloved of Me, I will tell you what is good.


18.64 सर्वगुह्यतमम् the most secret of all? भूयः again? श्रृणु hear? मे My? परमम् supreme? वचः word? इष्टः beloved? असि (thou) art? मे of Me? दृढम् dearly? इति thus? ततः therefore? वक्ष्यामि (I) will speak? ते thy? हितम् what is good.Commentary Now listen once more with rapt attention to My words. Thou art very dear to Me. Thou art a sincere aspirant. Therefore I am telling thee this most mysterious

truth. Hear from Me this mystery of all mysteries. I shall tell it to you again to make a deep impression on your mind? although it has been declared more than once. I do not hope to get any reward from thee. Thou art My most beloved friend and disciple. Therefore I will speak what is good for thee? the means of attaining Selfrealisation. This is the supreme good or the highest of all kinds of good for thee.