BG 4.26

श्रोत्रादीनीन्द्रियाण्यन्ये संयमाग्निषु जुह्वति। शब्दादीन्विषयानन्य इन्द्रियाग्निषु जुह्वति।।4.26।।

śhrotrādīnīndriyāṇyanye sanyamāgniṣhu juhvati śhabdādīn viṣhayānanya indriyāgniṣhu juhvati

śhrotra-ādīni—such as the hearing process; indriyāṇi—senses; anye—others; sanyama—restraint; agniṣhu—in the sacrficial fire; juhvati—sacrifice; śhabda-ādīn—sound vibration, etc; viṣhayān—objects of sense-gratification; anye—others; indriya—of the senses; agniṣhu—in the fire; juhvati—sacrifice


Some again offer the organ of hearing and other senses as a sacrifice in the fire of restraint; others offer sound and other objects of the senses as a sacrifice in the fire of the senses.


4.26 श्रोत्रादीनि इन्द्रियाणि organ of hearing and other senses? अन्ये others? संयमाग्निषु in the fire of restraint? जुह्वति sacrifice? शब्दादीन् विषयान् senseobjects such as sound? etc.? अन्ये others? इन्द्रियाग्निषु in the fire of the senses? जुह्वति sacrifice.Commentary Some Yogis are constantly engaged in restraining the senses. They gather their senses under the guidance of the Self and do not

allow them to come in contact with the sensual objects. This is also an act of sacficie. Others direct their senses only to the pure and unforbidden objects of the senses. This is also a kind of sacrifice.