BG 5.9

प्रलपन्विसृजन्गृह्णन्नुन्मिषन्निमिषन्नपि। इन्द्रियाणीन्द्रियार्थेषु वर्तन्त इति धारयन्।।5.9।।

pralapan visṛjan gṛhṇann unmiṣan nimiṣann api indriyāṇīndriyārtheṣu vartanta iti dhārayan

pralapan—by talking; visṛjan—by giving up; gṛhṇan—by accepting; unmiṣan—opening; nimiṣan—closing; api—in spite of; indriyāṇi—the senses; indriya-artheṣu—in sense gratification; vartante—let them be so engaged; iti—thus; dhārayan—considering.


Speaking, letting go, seizing, opening, and closing the eyes, one should be convinced that the senses move among the sense-objects.


5.9 प्रलपन् speaking? विसृजन् letting go? गृह्णन् seizing? उन्मिषन् opening (the eyes)? निमिषन् closing (the eyes)? अपि also? इन्द्रियाणि the senses? इन्द्रियार्थेषु amongst the senseobjects? वर्तन्ते move? इति thus? धारयन् being convinced.Commentary The liberated sage or a Jnani always remains as a witness of the activities of the senses as he identifies himself with the Self or Brahman. He thinks

and says? I do not see the eyes perceive. I do not hear the ears hear. I do not smell? the nose smells? etc. He beholds,inaction in action as he has burnt his actions in the fire of wisdom. (Cf.XIV.1923)