BG 6.16

नात्यश्नतस्तु योगोऽस्ति न चैकान्तमनश्नतः। न चातिस्वप्नशीलस्य जाग्रतो नैव चार्जुन।।6.16।।

nātyaśhnatastu yogo ’sti na chaikāntam anaśhnataḥ na chāti-svapna-śhīlasya jāgrato naiva chārjuna

na—not; ati—too much; aśhnataḥ—of one who eats; tu—however; yogaḥ—Yog; asti—there is; na—not; cha—and; ekāntam—at all; anaśhnataḥ—abstaining from eating; na—not; cha—and; ati—too much; svapna-śhīlasya—of one who sleeps; jāgrataḥ—of one who does not sleep enough; na—not; eva—certainly; cha—and; arjuna—Arjun


Verily, Yoga is not possible for him who eats too much, nor for him who does not eat at all, nor for him who sleeps too much, nor for him who is always awake, O Arjuna.


6.16 न not? अत्यश्नतः of one who eats too much? तु verily? योगः Yoga? अस्ति is? न not? च and? एकान्तम् at all? अनश्नतः of one who does not eat? न not? च and? अतिस्वप्नशीलस्य of one who sleeps too much? जाग्रतः one who is awake? न not? एव even? च and? अर्जुन O Arjuna.Commentary In this verse the Lord prescribes the diet for the students of Yoga. You must observe moderation in eating and sleeping. If

you eat too much you will feel drowsy? and sleep will overpower you. You will get indigestion? flatulence? diseases of the bowels and the liver. If you eat too little you will get weakness and you will not be able to sit for a long time in meditation. You should eat neither more nor less than what is actually necessary for maintaining the body in a healthy and strong state.It may mean also that success

in Yoga is not possible for him who eats more than the antity prescribed in the text books on Yoga. They prescribe Half the stomach must be filled with food a arter with water and the remaining fourth must be empty for the free movement of air. This is the Mitahara or moderate diest for a student of Yoga.If you sleep too much you will become lethargic. The mind will be dull and the body will be heavy.

You cannot meditate. If you sleep too little you will experience drowsiness. You will sleep during meditation. Keep the golden medium. You will have rapid progress in Yoga.