BG 6.25

शनैः शनैरुपरमेद् बुद्ध्या धृतिगृहीतया। आत्मसंस्थं मनः कृत्वा न किञ्चिदपि चिन्तयेत्।।6.25।।

śhanaiḥ śhanair uparamed buddhyā dhṛiti-gṛihītayā ātma-sansthaṁ manaḥ kṛitvā na kiñchid api chintayet

śhanaiḥ—gradually; śhanaiḥ—gradually; uparamet—attain peace; buddhyā—by intellect; dhṛiti-gṛihītayā—achieved through determination of resolve that is in accordance with scriptures; ātma-sanstham—fixed in God; manaḥ—mind; kṛitvā—having made; na—not; kiñchit—anything; api—even; chintayet—should think of


Little by little, let him attain steadiness of the intellect by holding it firmly; having made the mind establish itself in the Self, let him not think of anything else.


6.25 शनैः gradually? शनैः gradually? उपरमेत् let him attain to ietude? बुद्ध्या by the intellect? धृतिगृहीतया held in firmness? आत्मसंस्थम् placed in the Self? मनः the mind? कृत्वा having made? न not? किञ्चित् anything? अपि even? चिन्तयेत् let him think.Commentary The practitioner of Yoga should attain tranillity gradually or by degrees? by,means of the intellect controlled by steadiness. The peace

of the Eternal will fill the heart gradually with thrill and bliss through the constant and protracted practice of steady conentration. He should make the mind constantly abide in the Self within through ceaseless practice. If anyone constantly thinks of the immortal Self within? the mind will cease to think of the objects of sensepleasure. The mental energy should be directed along the spiritual channel by Atmachintana or constant contemplation on the Self.