BG 8.8

अभ्यासयोगयुक्तेन चेतसा नान्यगामिना। परमं पुरुषं दिव्यं याति पार्थानुचिन्तयन्।।8.8।।

abhyāsa-yoga-yuktena chetasā nānya-gāminā paramaṁ puruṣhaṁ divyaṁ yāti pārthānuchintayan

abhyāsa-yoga—by practice of yog; yuktena—being constantly engaged in remembrance; chetasā—by the mind; na anya-gāminā—without deviating; paramam puruṣham—the Supreme Divine Personality; divyam—divine; yāti—one attains; pārtha—Arjun, the son of Pritha; anuchintayan—constant remembrance


With the mind not moving towards any other thing, made steadfast through the practice of habitual meditation, and constantly meditating, one goes to the Supreme Person, the Resplendent, O Arjuna.


8.8 अभ्यासयोगयुक्तेन (with the mind made) steadfast by the method of habitual meditation? चेतसा with the mind? न not? अन्यगामिना moving towards any other thing? परमम् Supreme? पुरुषम् Purusha? दिव्यम् the resplendent? याति goes? पार्थ O Partha? अनुचिन्तयन् meditating.Commentary Abhyasa means practice. Practice is the constant repetition of one idea of God. In the practice of meditation Vijatiya Vrittis

(worldly thoughts or thoughts of a type different from the object of meditation) are shut out and there is Sajatiya Vrittipravaha (continous flow of thoughts of the Self or the Absolute alone). This is Abhyasa. Abhyasa is Yoga. This will terminate in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. The Yogi with Samahita Chitta (eanimity of mind) attains Paramatman or the Supreme Soul. Just as the rivers abandoning their names

and forms because one with the ocean? so also the sage or the Vidvan? being liberated from names and forms? and virtue and vice? becomes identical with the Supreme Self.The most vital factor in this practice is regularity. Be regular in your meditation. You will soon reach the goal.Purusham Divyam The resplendent? transcendental Being or the Inner Ruler (Antaryamin) in the solar orb.He who meditates

constantly without allowing the mind to wander among the sensual objects? in accordance with the instructions of the scriptures and the perceptor reaches the Supreme Purusha.