BG 9.3

अश्रद्दधानाः पुरुषा धर्मस्यास्य परन्तप। अप्राप्य मां निवर्तन्ते मृत्युसंसारवर्त्मनि।।9.3।।

aśhraddadhānāḥ puruṣhā dharmasyāsya parantapa aprāpya māṁ nivartante mṛityu-samsāra-vartmani

aśhraddadhānāḥ—people without faith; puruṣhāḥ—(such) persons; dharmasya—of dharma; asya—this; parantapa—Arjun, conqueror the enemies; aprāpya—without attaining; mām—me; nivartante—come back; mṛityu—death; samsāra—material existence; vartmani—in the path


Those who have no faith in this Dharma, O Parantapa, return to the path of this world without attaining Me.


9.3 अश्रद्दधानाः without faith? पुरुषाः men? धर्मस्य of duty? अस्य of this? परन्तप O scorcher of foes? अप्राप्य without attaining? माम् Me? निवर्तन्ते return? मृत्युसंसारवर्त्मनि in the path of this world of death.Commentary Arjuna asks? O Lord? why do people not attempt to attain this knowledge of the Self when it can be easily attained? when it is the highest of all things? and when it gives the

greatest benefits All should certainly attain this knowledge. The Lord replies? O My beloved disciple? people have no faith in this Dhrama or knowledge and so return to the path of this world of death. Even if they strive with the help of the means of their own imagination they cannot attain Me as they are not endowed with the right means prescribed by the scriptures.Dharma means law? religion? knowledge

of the Self.This faith is not mere intellectual belief in certain dogmas or principles. It is not merely belief in the statement of another. It is unshakable firm inner conviction that the knowledge of the Self alone can give one supreme peace? immortality and eternal bliss. It was this strong and unflinching faith of Sri Sankara that goaded him to leave his mother and take shelter under the kind

protection of his Guru Sri Govindapada for attaining this knowledge which is the supreme purifier? intuitional? accordig to righteousness? very easy to perform? and imperishable. It was the strong faith of Lord Buddha that induced him to have that iron determination which he expressed in these words? I will not budge an inch from my seat till I get illumination. Faith goes hand in hand with fiery

determination.The Lord has eulogies the knowledge of the Self in the first two verses by the positive method (Vidhi Mukhastuti). He has extolled it in the third verse by the negative method (Nishedha Mukhastuti). The benefits of obtaining knowledge of the Self are described in the first and the second verses. This is Vidhi Mukhastuti. The disastrous effects that result from not obtaining the knowledge

of the Self are described in the third verse. This is Nishedha Mukhastuti.The greedy? lustful and sinful persons who are the followers of the philosophy of the flesh? who lead the life of the demons? who worship the body taking it to be the Self? and who have no faith in the knowledge of the Self? do not reach Me. They do not even possess an iota of devotion which is also one of the paths that lead men to Me. They remain in the path of the world of death which leads to hell and the lower births of animals? worms? etc.