BG 10.34

मृत्युः सर्वहरश्चाहमुद्भवश्च भविष्यताम्। कीर्तिः श्रीर्वाक्च नारीणां स्मृतिर्मेधा धृतिः क्षमा।।10.34।।

mṛityuḥ sarva-haraśh chāham udbhavaśh cha bhaviṣhyatām kīrtiḥ śhrīr vāk cha nārīṇāṁ smṛitir medhā dhṛitiḥ kṣhamā

mṛityuḥ—death; sarva-haraḥ—all-devouring; cha—and; aham—I; udbhavaḥ—the origin; cha—and; bhaviṣhyatām—those things that are yet to be; kīrtiḥ—fame; śhrīḥ—prospective; vāk—fine speech; cha—and; nārīṇām—amongst feminine qualities; smṛitiḥ—memory; medhā—intelligence; dhṛitiḥ—courage; kṣhamā—forgiveness


And I am the all-devouring Death, and the source of prosperity for those who are to be prosperous; among the feminine qualities, I am fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, firmness, and forgiveness.


10.34 मृत्युः death? सर्वहरः alldevouring? च and? अहम् I? उद्भवः the prosperity? च and? भविष्यताम् of those who are to be prosperous? कीर्तिः frame? श्रीः prosperity? वाक् speech? च and? नारीणाम् of the feminine? स्मृतिः the memory? मेधा intelligence? धृतिः firmness? क्षमा forgiveness.Commentary I am also the allsnatching death that destroys everything. Death is of two kinds? viz.? he who seizes wealth

and he who seizes life. Of them he who seizes life is the allseizer and,hence he is called Sarvaharah. I am he.Or? there is another interpretation. I am the Supreme Lord Who is the allseizer? because I destroy everything at the time of the cosmic dissolution.I am the origin of all the beings to be born in the future. I am the prosperity and the means of achieving it of those who are fit to attain

it.Beauty is Sri. Lustre is Sri. I am fame? the best of the feminine alities. People who have attained slight fame think that they have achieved great success in life and that they have become very big or great men. I am speech which adorns the throne of justice. I am memory which recalls objects and pleasures of the past.The power of the mind which enables one to hold the teachings of the scriptures

is Medha. Firmness or Dhriti is the power to keep the body and the senses steady even amidst various kinds of sufferings. The power to keep oneself unattached even while doing actions is Dhriti. It also means courage. Kshama also means endurance.Fame? prosperity? memory? intelligence and firmness are the daughters of Daksha. They had been given in marriage to Dhrama and so they are all called Dharmapatnis.