Chapter 10, Verse 40

नान्तोऽस्ति मम दिव्यानां विभूतीनां परन्तप । एष तूद्देशतः प्रोक्तो विभूतेर्विस्तरो मया ॥ ४०॥


nānto 'sti mama divyānāḿ vibhūtīnāḿ parantapa eṣa tūddeśataḥ prokto vibhūter vistaro mayā

Word Meanings

na — nor; antaḥ — a limit; asti — there is; mama — My; divyānām — of the divine; vibhūtīnām — opulences; param-tapa — O conqueror of the enemies; eṣaḥ — all this; tu — but; uddeśataḥ — as examples; proktaḥ — spoken; vibhūteḥ — of opulences; vistaraḥ — the expanse; mayā — by Me.


There is no end to my divine manifestations, O conqueror of enemies. What I have declared to you is a mere sample of my infinite glories.


As stated in the Vedic literature, although the opulences and energies of the Supreme are understood in various ways, there is no limit to such opulences; therefore not all the opulences and energies can be explained. Simply a few examples are being described to Arjuna to pacify his inquisitiveness.