BG 10.7

एतां विभूतिं योगं च मम यो वेत्ति तत्त्वतः। सोऽविकम्पेन योगेन युज्यते नात्र संशयः।।10.7।।

etāṁ vibhūtiṁ yogaṁ cha mama yo vetti tattvataḥ so ’vikampena yogena yujyate nātra sanśhayaḥ

etām—these; vibhūtim—glories; yogam—divine powers; cha—and; mama—my; yaḥ—those who; vetti—know; tattvataḥ—in truth; saḥ—they; avikalpena—unwavering; yogena—in bhakti yog; yujyate—becomes united; na—never; atra—here; sanśhayaḥ—doubt


He who truly knows these manifold manifestations of My Being and this Yoga-power of Mine, becomes established in unshakable Yoga; there is no doubt about it.


10.7 एताम् this? विभूतिम् (manifold) manifestation of My Being? Commentary Knowledge of the glory of the Lord is really conducive to Yoga. He who knows in essence the immanent pervading power of the Lord by which He causes the manifestations? and His diverse manifestations (Vibhutis)? unites with Him in firm unalterable Yoga and attains eternal bliss and perfect harmony. From the ant to the Creator

there is nothing except the Lord. He who knows in reality this extensive manifestation of the Lord and His Yoga (Yoga here stands for what is born of Yoga? viz.? infinite Yogic powers as well as omniscience)? is endowed with firm unwavering Yoga. He lives in the Eternal and is endowed with the highest knowledge of the Self. He who has realised this Truth is free from the superiority and inferiority

complexes. There i real awakening of wisdom in him. He will behold the Lord in all beings and all beings in the Lord. He will never hate any creature on this earth. This is a rare living cosmic experience. The Yogi realises that the Lord and His manifestations are one. He attains the supreme goal and is absorbed in Him through his wholehearted devotion. He is perfectly aware of his oneness with the

Supreme by My divine Yoga.He can keep his balance of mind now in whatever environments and circumstances he is placed and can do any action without losing his consciousness of oneness or identity with the Supreme Self. (Cf.VII.25IX.5XI.8)What is that unshaken Yoga with which they are endowedThe answer follows.