Chapter 14 - Gunatraya Vibhaga Yoga

Yoga through Understanding the Three Modes of Material Nature

The fourteenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Gunatraya Vibhaga Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna reveals the three gunas (modes) of the material nature - goodness, passion and ignorance which everything in the material existence is influenced by. He further explains the essential characteristics of each of these modes, their cause and how they influence a living entity affected by them. He then reveals the various characteristics of the persons who have gone beyond these gunas. The chapter ends with Krishna reminding us of the power of pure devotion to God and how attachment to God can help us transcend these gunas.

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Verse 25

He who is the same under honour and dishonour, who is equally disposed both towards the side of the friend and of the foe, who has renounced all enterprise, -he is said to have gone beyond the qualities.


Verse 26

And he who serves Me through the unswerving Yoga of Devotion, he, having gone beyond these qualities, qualifies for becoming Brahman.


Verse 27

For I am the Abode of Brahman-the indestructible and immutable, the eternal, the Dharma and absolute Bliss.