BG 2.2

श्री भगवानुवाच कुतस्त्वा कश्मलमिदं विषमे समुपस्थितम्। अनार्यजुष्टमस्वर्ग्यमकीर्तिकरमर्जुन।।2.2।।

śhrī bhagavān uvācha kutastvā kaśhmalamidaṁ viṣhame samupasthitam anārya-juṣhṭamaswargyam akīrti-karam arjuna

śhrī-bhagavān uvācha—the Supreme Lord said; kutaḥ—wherefrom; tvā—to you; kaśhmalam—delusion; idam—this; viṣhame—in this hour of peril; samupasthitam—overcome; anārya—crude person; juṣhṭam—practiced; aswargyam—which does not lead to the higher abodes; akīrti-karam—leading to disgrace; arjuna—Arjun


The Blessed Lord said, "From whence has this perilous strait come upon you, this dejection which is unworthy of you, disgraceful, and which will close the gates of heaven upon you, O Arjuna?"


2.2 कुतः whence? त्वा upon thee? कश्मलम् dejection? इदम् this? विषमे in perilous strait? समुपस्थितम् comes? अनार्यजुष्टम् unworthy (unaryanlike)? अस्वर्ग्यम् heavenexcluding? अकीर्तिकरम् disgraceful? अर्जुन O Arjuna.No commentary.