BG 3.18

नैव तस्य कृतेनार्थो नाकृतेनेह कश्चन। न चास्य सर्वभूतेषु कश्िचदर्थव्यपाश्रयः।।3.18।।

naiva tasya kṛitenārtho nākṛiteneha kaśhchana na chāsya sarva-bhūteṣhu kaśhchid artha-vyapāśhrayaḥ

na—not; eva—indeed; tasya—his; kṛitena—by discharge of duty; arthaḥ—gain; na—not; akṛitena—without discharge of duty; iha—here; kaśhchana—whatsoever; na—never; cha—and; asya—of that person; sarva-bhūteṣhu—among all living beings; kaśhchit—any; artha—necessity; vyapāśhrayaḥ—to depend upon


For him, there is no interest whatsoever in what is done or not done; nor does he depend on any being for any purpose.


3.18 न not? एव even? तस्य of hi? कृतेन by action? अर्थः concern? न not? अकृतेन by actions not done? इह here? कश्चन् any? न not? च and? अस्य of this man? सर्वभूतेषु in all beings? कश्चित् any? अर्थव्यपाश्रयः depending for any object.Commentary The sage who is thus rejoicing in the Self does not gain anything by doing any action. For him really no purpose is served by an action. No evil (Pratyavaya

Dosha) can touch him from inaction. He does not lose anything from inaction. He need not depend upon anybody to gain a particular object. He need not exert himself to get the favour of anybody.