BG 4.30

अपरे नियताहाराः प्राणान्प्राणेषु जुह्वति। सर्वेऽप्येते यज्ञविदो यज्ञक्षपितकल्मषाः।।4.30।।

apare niyatāhārāḥ prāṇān prāṇeṣu juhvati sarve py 'ete yajña-vido yajña-kṣapita-kalmaṣāḥ

apare—others; niyata—controlled; āhārāḥ—eating; prāṇān—outgoing air; prāṇeṣu—in the outgoing air; sarve—all; api—although apparently different; ete—all these; yajñavidaḥ—conversant with the purpose of performing; yajña—sacrifices; kṣapita—being cleansed of the result of such performances; kalmaṣāḥ—sinful reactions; juhvati—sacrifices.


Others who regulate their diet offer life-breaths in each life-breath. All these are knowers of sacrifice, whose sins are destroyed through sacrifice.


4.30 अपरे other persons? नियताहाराः of regulated food? प्राणान् lifreaths? प्राणेषु in the lifreaths? जुह्वति sacrifice? सर्वे all? अपि also? एते these? यज्ञविदः knowers of sacrifice? यज्ञक्षपितकल्मषाः whose sins are destroyed by sacrifice.Commentary Niyataharah means persons of regulated or limited food. They take moderate food. By rigid dieting they control the passions and appetites by weakening

the functions of the organs of action.Yogis pour the lifreaths as sacrifice in the controlled lifreath. The former becomes merged in the latter.Performance of the above sacrifice leads to the purification of the mind and destruction of sins.