BG 9.17

पिताऽहमस्य जगतो माता धाता पितामहः। वेद्यं पवित्रमोंकार ऋक् साम यजुरेव च।।9.17।।

pitāham asya jagato mātā dhātā pitāmahaḥ vedyaṁ pavitram oṁkāra ṛik sāma yajur eva cha

pitā—Father; aham—I; asya—of this; jagataḥ—universe; mātā—Mother; dhātā—Sustainer; pitāmahaḥ—Grandsire; vedyam—the goal of knowledge; pavitram—the purifier; om-kāra—the sacred syllable Om; ṛik—the Rig Veda; sāma—the Sama Veda; yajuḥ—the Yajur Veda; eva—also; cha—and


I am the father of this world, the mother, the dispenser of the fruits of actions, and the grandfather; the one thing to be known, the purifier, the sacred monosyllable (Om), and also the Rik, Sama, and Yajur Vedas.


9.17 पिता father? अहम् I? अस्य of this? जगतः world? माता mother? धाता the dispenser of the fruits of actions? पितामहः grandfather? वेद्यम् the (one) thing to be known? पवित्रम् the purifier? ओंकारः the Omkara? ऋक् Rik? साम Sama? यजुः Yajus? एव also? च and.Commentary Dhata Supporter or sustainer by dispenser of the fruits of actions.Isvara or the Saguna Brahman is the father. MulaPrakriti or the primordial

Nature is the mother. The pure Satchidananda Para Brahman (ExistenceKnowledgeBliss Absolute) is the grandfather.Vedyam The one thing to be known. This is the Supreme Being.Pavitram Purifier. I am of the form of a bath in the holy river Ganga and the Gayatri Japa which purify the aspirants externally and internally.Cha and. This includes the AtharvanaVeda also. (Cf.XIV.3)