Chapter 6 - Dhyana Yoga

Path of Meditation

The sixth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Dhyana Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna reveals the Yoga of Meditation and how to practise this Yoga. He discusses the role of action in preparing for Meditation, how performing duties in devotion purifies one's mind and heightens one's spiritual consciousness. He explains in detail the obstacles that one faces when trying to control their mind and the exact methods by which one can conquer their mind. He reveals how one can focus their mind on Paramatma and unite with the God.

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Verse 25

One should gradually withdraw with the intellect endowed with steadiness. Making the mind fixed in the Self, one should not think of anything whatsoever.


Verse 26

(The yogi) should bring (this mind) under the subjugation of the Self Itself, by restraining it from all those causes whatever due to which the restless, unsteady mind wanders away.


Verse 27

Supreme Bliss comes to this yogi alone whose mind has become perfectly tranquil, whose (quality of) rajas has been eliminated, who has become identified with Brahman, and is taintless.


Verse 28

By concentrating his mind constantly thus, the taintless yogi easily attains the absolute Bliss of contact with Brahman.


Verse 29

One who has his mind Self-absorbed through Yoga, and who has the vision of sameness every-where, see this Self existing in everything, and every-thing in his Self.


Verse 30

One who sees Me in everything, and sees all things in Me, he is never out of My sight, nor am I ever out of his sight.