Chapter 6 - Dhyana Yoga

Path of Meditation

The sixth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Dhyana Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna reveals the Yoga of Meditation and how to practise this Yoga. He discusses the role of action in preparing for Meditation, how performing duties in devotion purifies one's mind and heightens one's spiritual consciousness. He explains in detail the obstacles that one faces when trying to control their mind and the exact methods by which one can conquer their mind. He reveals how one can focus their mind on Paramatma and unite with the God.

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Verse 37

Arjuna said: O Krsna, failing to achieve perfection in Yoga, what goal does one attain, who, though possessed of faith, is not diligent and whose mind becomes deflected from Yoga?


Verse 38

O Mighty-armed one, fallen from both, without support, deluded on the path to Brahman, does he not get ruined like a scattered cloud?


Verse 39

O Krsna, You should totally eradicate this doubt of mine. For, none other than Yourself can be the dispeller of this doubt!


Verse 40

The Blessed Lord said: O Partha, there is certainly no ruin for him here or hereafter. For, no one engaged in good meets with a deplorable end, My son!


Verse 41

Attaining the worlds of the righteous, and residing there for eternal years, the man fallen from Yoga is born in the house of the pious and the prosperous.


Verse 42

Or he is born in the family of wise yogis only. Such a birth as is of this kind is surely more difficult to get in the world.