Chapter 9 - Raja Vidya Yoga

Yoga through the King of Sciences

The ninth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Raja Vidya Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna explains that He is Supreme and how this material existence is created, maintained and destroyed by His Yogmaya and all beings come and go under his supervision. He reveals the Role and the Importance of Bhakti (transcendental devotional service) towards our Spiritual Awakening. In such devotion, one must live for the God, offer everything that he possesses to Him and do everything for Him only. One who follows such devotion becomes free from the bonds of this material world and unites with the Lord.

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Verse 13

O son of Prtha, the noble ones, being possessed of divine nature, surely adore Me with single-mindedness, knowing Me as the immutable source of all objects.


Verse 14

Always glorifying Me and striving, the men of firm vows worship Me by paying obeisance to Me and being ever endowed with devotion.


Verse 15

Others verily worship Me by adoring exclusively through the sacrifice of the knowledge of oneness; (others worship Me) multifariously, and (others) as the multiform existing variously.


Verse 16

I am the kratu, I am the yajna, I am the svadha, I am the ausadha, I am the mantra, I Myself am the ajay, I am the fire, and I am the act of offering.


Verse 17

Of this world I am the father, mother, ordainer, (and the), grand-father; I am the knowable, the sanctifier, the syllable Om as also Rk, Sama and Yajus.


Verse 18

(I am) the fruit of actions, the nourisher, the Lord, witness, abode, refuge, friend, origin, end, foundation, store and the imperishable seed.