Chapter 9 - Raja Vidya Yoga

Yoga through the King of Sciences

The ninth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Raja Vidya Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna explains that He is Supreme and how this material existence is created, maintained and destroyed by His Yogmaya and all beings come and go under his supervision. He reveals the Role and the Importance of Bhakti (transcendental devotional service) towards our Spiritual Awakening. In such devotion, one must live for the God, offer everything that he possesses to Him and do everything for Him only. One who follows such devotion becomes free from the bonds of this material world and unites with the Lord.

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Verse 31

He soon becomes possessed of a virtuous mind; he attains everlasting peace. Do you proclaim boldly, O son of Kunti, that My devotee does not get ruined.


Verse 32

For, O son of Prtha, even those who are born of sin-women, Vaisyas, as also Sudras, even they reach the highest Goal by taking shelter under Me.


Verse 33

What to speak of the holy Brahmanas as also of devout kind-sages! Having come to this ephemeral and miserable world, do you worship Me.


Verse 34

Having your mind fixed on Me, be devoted to Me, sacrifice to Me, and bow down to Me. By concentrating your mind and accepting Me as the supreme Goal, you shall surely attain Me who am thus the Self.