Chapter 3 - Karma Yoga

Path of Selfless Service

The third chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Karma Yoga or the Path of Selfless Service. Here Lord Krishna emphasizes the importance of karma in life. He reveals that it is important for every human being to engage in some sort of activity in this material world. Further, he describes the kinds of actions that lead to bondage and the kinds that lead to liberation. Those persons who continue to perform their respective duties externally for the pleasure of the Supreme, without attachment to its rewards get liberation at the end.

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Verse 13

By becoming partakers of the remembers of sacrifices, they become freed from all sins. But the unholy persons who cook for themselves, they incur sin.


Verse 14

From food are born the creatures; the origin of food is from rainfall; rainfall originates from sacrifice; sacrifice has action as its origin.


Verse 15

Know that actin has the Veda as its origin; the Vedas has the Immutable as its source. Hence, the all-pervading Veda is for ever based on sacrifice.


Verse 16

O Partha, he lives in vain who does not follow here the wheel thus set in motion, whose life is sinful, and who indulges in the senses.


Verse 17

But that man who rejoices only in the Self and is satisfied with the Self, and is contented only in the Self-for him there is no duty to perform.


Verse 18

For him there is no concern here at all with performing action; nor any (concern) with non-performance. Moreover, for him there is no dependence on any object to serve any purpose.