Chapter 5 - Karma Sanyasa Yoga

Path of Renunciation

The fifth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Karma Sanyasa Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna compares the paths of renunciation in actions (Karma Sanyas) and actions with detachment (Karma Yoga) and explains that both are means to reach the same goal and we can choose either. A wise person should perform his/her worldly duties without attachment to the fruits of his/her actions and dedicate them to God. This way they remain unaffected by sin and eventually attain liberation.

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Verse 14

The Self does not create agentship or any objects (of desire) for anyone; nor association with the results of actions. But it is Nature that acts.


Verse 15

The Omnipresent neither accepts anybody's sin nor even virtue. Knowledge remains covered by ignorance. Hence, the creatures become deluded.


Verse 16

But in the case of those of whom that ignorance of theirs becomes destroyed by the knowledge (of the Self), their Knowledge, like the sun, reveals that supreme Reality.


Verse 17

Those who have their intellect absorbed in That, whose Self is That, who are steadfast in That, who have That as their supreme Goal-they attain the state of non-returning, their dirt having been removed by Knowledge.


Verse 18

The learned ones look with equanimity on a Brahmana endowed with learning and humility, a cow, an elephant and even a dog as well as an eater of dog's meat.


Verse 19

Even in this world they conquer their earth-life whose minds, fixed on the Supreme, remain always balanced; for the Supreme has neither blemish nor bias.