Chapter 10 - Vibhooti Yoga

Yoga through Appreciating the Infinite Opulences of God

The tenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Vibhooti Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna reveals Himself as the cause of all causes. He describes His various manifestations and opulences in order to increase Arjuna's Bhakti. Arjuna is fully convinced of Lord's paramount position and proclaims him to be the Supreme Personality. He prays to Krishna to describe more of His divine glories which are like nectar to hear.

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Verse 14

O Kesava, I accept to be true all this which You tell me. Certainly, O Lord, neither the gods nor the demons comprehend Your glory.


Verse 15

O supreme Person, the Creator of beings, the Lord of beings, God of gods, the Lord of the worlds, You Yourself alone know Yourself by Yourself.


Verse 16

Be pleased to speak in full of Your own manifestations which are indeed divine, through which manifestations You exist pervading these worlds.


Verse 17

O Yogi, [Here yoga stands for the results of yoga, viz omniscience, omnipotence, etc.; one possessed of these is a yogi.] how shall I know You by remaining ever-engaged in meditation? And through what objects, O Lord, are You to be meditated on by me?


Verse 18

O Janardana, narrate to me again [In addition to what has been said in the seventh and ninth chapters.] Your own yoga and (divine) manifestations elaborately. For, while hearing (Your) nectar-like (words), there is no satiety in me.


Verse 19

The Blessed Lord said: O best of the Kurus, now, according to their importance, I shall describe to you My own glories, which are indeed divine. There is no end to my manifestations.