Chapter 10 - Vibhooti Yoga

Yoga through Appreciating the Infinite Opulences of God

The tenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Vibhooti Yoga. In this chapter, Krishna reveals Himself as the cause of all causes. He describes His various manifestations and opulences in order to increase Arjuna's Bhakti. Arjuna is fully convinced of Lord's paramount position and proclaims him to be the Supreme Personality. He prays to Krishna to describe more of His divine glories which are like nectar to hear.

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Verse 38

Of the punishers I am the rod; I am the righteous policy of those who desire to conquer. And of things secret, I am verily silence; I am knowledge of the men of knowledge.


Verse 39

Moreover, O Arjuna, whatsoever is the seed of all beings, that I am. There is no thing moving or non-moving which can exist without Me.


Verse 40

O destroyer of enemies, there is no limit to My divine manifestations. This description of (My) manifestations, however, has been stated by Me by way of illustration.


Verse 41

Whatever object [All living beings] is verily endowed with majesty, possessed of prosperity, or is energetic, you know for certain each of them as having a part of My power as its source.


Verse 42

Or, on the other hand, what is the need of your knowing this extensively, O Arjuna? I remain sustaining this whole creation in a special way with a part (of Myself).