Chapter 11 - Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga

Yoga through Beholding the Cosmic Form of God

The eleventh chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga. In this chapter, Arjuna requests Krishna to reveal His Universal Cosmic Form that encompasses all the universes, the entire existence. Arjuna is granted divine vision to be able to see the entirety of creation in the body of the Supreme Lord Krishna.

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Verse 1

Arjun said: Having heard the supremely confidential spiritual knowledge, which you have revealed out of compassion to me, my illusion is now dispelled.


Verse 2

I have heard from you in detail about the appearance and disappearance of all living beings, O lotus-eyed one, and also about your eternal majesty.


Verse 3

O Supreme Lord, you are precisely what you declare yourself to be. Now I desire to see your divine cosmic form, O greatest of persons.


Verse 4

O Lord of all mystic powers, if you think I am strong enough to behold it, then kindly reveal that imperishable cosmic form to me.


Verse 5

The Supreme Lord said: Behold, O Parth, my hundreds and thousands of wonderful forms of various shapes, sizes, and colors.


Verse 6

Behold in me, O scion of the Bharatas, the (twelve) sons of Aditi, the (eight) Vasus, the (eleven) Rudras, the (twin) Ashwini Kumars, as well as the (forty-nine) Maruts and many more marvels never revealed before.