Chapter 11 - Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga

Yoga through Beholding the Cosmic Form of God

The eleventh chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga. In this chapter, Arjuna requests Krishna to reveal His Universal Cosmic Form that encompasses all the universes, the entire existence. Arjuna is granted divine vision to be able to see the entirety of creation in the body of the Supreme Lord Krishna.

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Verse 38

You are the primal Deity, the ancient Person; You are the supreme Resort of this world. You are the knower as also the object of knowledge, and the supreme Abode. O You of infinite forms, the Universe is pervaded by You!


Verse 39

You are Air, Death, Fire, the god of the waters, the moon, the Lord of the creatures, and the Greater-grandfather. Salutations! Salutation be to You a thousand times; salutation to You again and again! Salutation!


Verse 40

Salutation to You in the East and behind. Salutation be to You on all sides indeed, O All! You are possessed of infinite strength and infinite heroism. You pervade everything; hence You are all!


Verse 41

Without knowing this greatness of Yours, whatever was said by me (to You) rashly, through inadvertence or even out of intimacy, thinking (You to be) a friend, addressing (You) as 'O Krsna,' 'O Yadava,' 'O friend,' etc.-.


Verse 42

And that You have been discourteously treated out of fun-while walking, while on a bed, while on a seat, while eating, in privacy, or, O Acyuta, even in public, for that I beg pardon of You, the incomprehensible One.


Verse 43

You are the Father of all beings moving and non-moving; to this (world) You are worthy of worship, the Teacher, and greater (than a teacher). There is none equal to You; how at all can there be anyone greater even in all the three worlds, O You or unrivalled power?